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Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition Application

The Beverly Hills Theatre Guild regrets that because of rising costs, loss of grants and donations, we must charge $25 for each submission to the Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition. Note: Checks must be payable to Beverly Hills Theatre Guild. Sripts received without payment will not be accepted, judged or returned. Thank you for your kind attention to this announcement

Note: Please print this page and send it in with your entry according to our submission procedures.

Acceptance Date: January. 1, 2017
Postmark Deadline: April. 1, 2017

Playwright's Name_____________________________________________________

Street Address___________________________________ Phone_______________

City______________________________ State________ Zip Code______________

Co-Author's Name(s)___________________________________________________
(Please use reverse side for names, addresses, phone numbers of co-authors)

Title of Entry: _________________________________________________________

I have read the Competition Rules and Submission Procedures of The Beverly Hills Theatre Guild - Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition, and I agree to abide by them. I have retained a copy of the rules in my possession.

I certify that this entry is an original play and is not subject to any copyright restrictions or violations. (The word, I, includes co-authors.)

Date ____________ Signature of Playwright _______________________________

Date ____________ Signature of Co-Author _______________________________



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